On February 15, 1985 the Trustees created the Pope John XXIII Education Foundation Endowment, Inc. as a title XV Corporation, under the laws of the State of New Jersey. The United States Internal Revenue Service granted the Endowment exemption status under section 501(c)3, which provides that contributions to the Endowment are fully deductible under the Internal Revenue Code.

While the Endowment and its assets are legally separate from Pope John XXIII High School, under the independent control of the Board of Trustees, the clear intent and purpose of the Endowment Fund is to provide for long-term security and future of Pope John XXIII High School and the Campus.

The Endowment has been successful in generating donations of long-term principal contributions for the benefit of Pope John High School. The Trustees direct all of the interest income generated in the Endowment Fund to the benefit of Pope John High School to be utilized in development, support of faculty in advanced education courses, in supplementing the equipment needs of the High School and to defray other financial needs at Pope John. The Endowment Fund's investment strategy is guided by a comprehensive investment policy aimed at securing principal while generating income to support the goals of the endowment for the long term. 

Contributions to the Pope John High School Endowment Fund have made an enormous impact upon the School's ability to meet the financial challenges of today and to provide a mechanism for capital growth for tomorrow. We appreciate your generosity and ask for your continued support.